Rose de Taif Eau de Parfum by Perris Monte Carlo

Perris Monte Carlo

Rose de Taif Eau de Parfum by Perris Monte Carlo

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عطر زهري للرجال و النساء

. Rose de Taif تم إصداره عام 2013.

Luca Maffei قام بتوقيع هذا العطر. مقدمة العطر زهور إبره الراعي, الليمون و جوزه الطيب; قلب العطر ورد طائفي; قاعدة العطر تتكون من الورد الدمشقي و المسك.

The Saudi Arabian city of Taïf has a glorious history, rich culture, and a unique geographic position, climate and fertile soil that have transformed it into a beautiful garden paradise. Here, the roses are more powerful, fresh, and possess a very sophisticated fragrance- the Taïf Rose oil is considered the best in the Arab world, the only place where it has been available- until today.

Perris Monte Carlo has built Rose de Taïf with the objective to treat the centrepiece ingredient as a precious diamond. Like a diamond needs a gold ring to be presented, they have given the Rose of Taif a central position in harmony with other raw materials- light citrus, delicate spice, and supporting rose notes- that are able to highlight her beauty without any silhouettes. This is one of a kind, gorgeously lush rose, one that simply must be experienced by fragrance lovers of all persuasions.

Rose de Taif Fragrance Notes

Lemon, nutmeg, geranium, Taïf rose essential oil, rose Damas absolute, rose musk