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Oud Save The Queen Eau de Parfum by Atkinsons

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Earl Grey Bergamot Accord – Jasmine Petal &
Orange Blossom – Guaiac wood & Oud Accord

Eau de Parfum Natural Spray 100 ml

A spirited Scheherezade of oriental charms
and ever-so- English subtlety, Oud Save the
Queen is as captivating as the Hollywood
enchantress who inspired its creation. The
beguiling aura of oud is femininely
wreathed in exquisite white petals of
Jasmine and Orange Blossom, and

intriguingly sparkled with notes of
Earl Grey Bergamot and clove.
A majestic fragrance of sublimely sovereign
beauty, destined to adorn our most

incandescent seductresses, our most precious
jewels of all-consuming and rapturous love.