Fathom V Eau de Parfum by Beaufort


Fathom V Eau de Parfum by Beaufort

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Fathom V is an ode to the sea. A fragrance of contrasts, this is not a linear scent, Beaufort London attemps to create duality. The eternally changing state of the sea – in constant flux between calm and wild – is our departure point here, explored though the use of seemingly contradictory raw materials in ‘overdosed’ concentrations: salt meets earth, sparkling herbals blend with dark mosses, bright floral notes meet intense dark spices and pepper. By contrasting these notes Beaufort creates light and shade, imagining the shifting state of the sea: its intensity – the allure of its dark depths.

Top: Earth, Green Leaves, Aquatic

Middle: Cumin, Lily, Black Pepper

Base: Vetiver, Moss, Salt