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Stramonio Eau De Parfum By V Canto

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Stramonium, jimsonweed or devil’s snare, has been known since ancient times and was widely used by the aztecs. Stramonio is not only a powerful poison, but is, above all, an effective hallucinogen and supernatural aphrodisiac. It was craftily used to lead lovers to infinite pleasure and dominate their hearts. It is also known as witch grass which led to it being widely used in sorcerer’s irresistible love potions and filters. Lucrezia, of course, was well aware of the magical properties of the stramonium that she used to seduce her victims., who, hypnotized, ended up trapped in an irresistible and fatal embrace. Was launched in 2018. The nose behind this fragrance is paolo terenzi.

Top notes : jasmine , orchid, carnation , saffron.
Middle notes : ambergris , vanilla bean , musk.
Base notes :oakmoss ,patchouli, ebony wood , musk