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Patiala Eau de Parfum by Thameen - markaperfumery


Patiala Eau de Parfum by Thameen

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Top Notes:  Citrus,  Aldehyde
Heart Notes:  Orange Flower,  Rose
Base Notes:  Moss,  Amber,  Musk

Inspired by the mysterious Patiala necklace of India, this new fragrance from British niche fragrance brand Thameen London has been created to elate and energise those who wear it.

Like the necklace, Patiala is a manifestation of true craftsmanship and a mark of true sophistication



The Mystery of the Patiala Necklace

The Patiala necklace was one of the most extravagant pieces of jewellery ever made, containing 2,930 diamonds set in platinum. Its centerpiece was the world’s seventh largest diamond, the “De Beers”, which weighed 234.65 carats in its final setting. The piece also contained seven other diamonds ranging from 18 to 73 carats, and two Burmese rubies weighing 29.58 carats.

It was commissioned in 1928 by Sir Bhupinder Singh, the Maharaja of Patiala, who proudly wore it regularly until his death in 1938. It vanished in the late 1940s from the new Maharaja’s collection. Only parts of this legendary necklace have resurfaced, but its splendour is still world renowned.



Patiala opens bright and strong, with a juxtaposition of fresh citrus and the intensifying sweetness of aldehyde. At the heart of this scent lie piquant, floral aromas: the notes of orange flower and wild roses are supported by the warm richness of the amber, the fresh coolness of the moss and sensuous musk.