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Oud Save The King Eau de Parfum by Atkinsons

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Earl Grey Bergamot Accord – Orris &
Leathery Suede – Sandalwood & Oud Accord

Eau de Parfum Natural Spray 100 ml

Oud Save the King is as charismatic and
extravagantly elegant as the glamorous
Crown Prince who inspired it. Freshly
infused earl grey bergamot and iris à la
boutonnière brighten the majesty of oud,

which is further exalted by the plushness of
suede and an exhilarating cortège of wood
essences. A scintillating dialogue between

the hieratic scents of England and the Orient,
Oud Save the King is a fragrance of supreme
luxury, to be worn with straight-backed
posture, stiff-upper lip and a most regal
jauntiness and insouciance.