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Black Afgano Extrait de Parfum by Nasomatto

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Nasomatto's Black Afgano is a hyper-concentrated extrait de parfum featuring green, smoky and resinous notes.

The result of perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri's desire to arouse a feeling of temporary bliss, Black Afgano aims to evoke the highest quality hashish – blending smoky and intense notes of cannabis, coffee, tobacco, resins, woods, incense and oud. The black liquid distilled inside the Italian-made bottle is a visual invitation into the aroma's natural world, with a cap carved from ebony-coloured wood.

  • 30ml
  • Extrait de parfum
  • Created by Alessandro Gualtieri
  • Apparent notes of Cannabis, Green notes, Resins, Woods, Coffee, Tobacco, Incense and Oud
  • Clear glass bottle made in Italy; blackened wood cap